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        IDEC to launch mega-solar power business

        27 DEC 2012

        | Japan

        Osaka City, Osaka, December 27, 2012 - IDEC started solar power management system business in April 2012, and has since provided various kinds of equipment and system to customers.

        IDEC Controls Limited (a solely owned subsidiary of IDEC Corporation, President: Minoru Yoneda) starts providing one-stop service of system design, selection and procurement of the best component/software, installation, documents application, and also the repair/maintenance of mega-solar power generation system. Technologies and experience accumulated by IDEC groups in environment business will be utilized to provide the best service for the Japanese market, which urgently seeks to introduce renewable energy.

        IDEC group plans to complete a mega-solar facility in 2013.(Construction site: Fukusaki Town, Kanzaki District, Hyogo Prefecture. Area: 47,635 m2. Output: Approx. 3 mega watt.)

        We aim to be the provider of industrial solar power system and also the provider of solar power, to build the facility, use the facility, and supply solar power to users. Various know-hows about mega-solar will be accumulated to further accelerate solar power business.

        | Japan